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About Our Services
It is never easy when you lose a loved one. That is why Century Direct, Inc. does everything we can to ensure your loved one's wishes are honored at affordable prices.

Funeral Services 
We can also provide chapel services to help give your family closure. If you wish not to include a funeral service, we offer graveside services. Shipping of Remains: domestic and international for burial or cremation services back home. Contact us today at (800) 682-3372 with questions about our Cremation, Funeral and graveside services.

Our firm covers all types of funeral service and specializes in direct cremation services, cremation with witnessing, direct burials, graveside services. Serving the following areas. 

New York City

Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island

New York State

Westchester County, Rockland County, Orange County...

Long Island New York

Nassau County, Suffolk County

If you do not see your specific area please ask for location and pricing. 

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Make preparations now for funeral, cremation or graveside services in New York. Century Direct, Inc. is a licensed and registered New York funeral service firm specializing in affordable Direct Cremation, Cremation with witnessing services, Direct burials, Funerals and Graveside Services and shipping of remains domestic and international - all at low cost. A licensed funeral director handles the case from your initial telephone call to the day your loved one is laid to rest. We carry a large selection of urns, caskets, and other items.

Call us for our affordable selection of urns, caskets, and other items...

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