Cremation Services in Northern New York

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Direct Cremation for Westchester, Rockland, and Orange Counties
of New York

$995.00 for Westchester County
$1195.00 for Rockland County
$1395.00 for Orange County

Price Includes:

  • Removal of remains from any Hospital or Nursing Home within Westchester, Rockland & Orange Counties of New York.
  • Transfer to crematory facility, cremation container, crematory fee.
  • Additional – $50.00 for mailing of cremains to next of kin or designated person via certified-Priority mail within Mainland U.S.A. excluding Hawaii, Puerto Rico & Guam
  • Additional – Personnel needed on a home removal $200.00
  • Additional – Anyone overweight is subject to pay additional crematory fees ( over 250 Lbs) $150.00 and up

Death Certificates fees are $10.00 per copy this is a New York State charge.
Next day delivery of Death Certificates additional fee.

Funeral Services 

We can also provide chapel services to help give your family closure. If you wish not to include a funeral service, we offer graveside services. Shipping of Remains: domestic and international for burial or cremation services back home.

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